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Clare founded Hettie’s Tearoom in 2009 and opened in 2010 – the tearoom has gone from strength to strength and the Hettie’s brand reach is ever growing.   Hettie’s teas have been sent to every continent and the tearoom, which had almost 84000 visitors in 2016,  has won many awards.

Clare has a background in hospitality management and indeed owned her own hotel for a number of years.  Her passion, from when she entered hospitality industry, aged just 11,  has been “customer service” – and this is a passion that runs through everything she does.  Hettie’s Tearoom is a testament to this – with BRILLIANT service iis always at the forefront of every decision made and every personal interaction.

Now Clare has decided to take her customer service message to a wider audience and has set about helping business owners and entrepreneurs, in all industries, ad of all sizes, with their Customer Service Delivery – wooooo up there….. it is not all airy fairy stuff we are talking about here…… Clare passionately believes that in every business there is a LOT of money hidden away in the delivery of brilliant service – money that will help you sleep at night, buy another business, afford a wee holiday (I am not stupid  – you’re not going to take too much time away from your “baby”) or just get set up for retirement… you choose.

So if you are looking for a passionate, funny, inspirational speaker who can definitely help you make more cash in your business – book Clare!!!

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