This week I had a really mixed week – got through a power of work early doors and got struck down by a Migraine on Thursday afternoon that had me incapacitated till Friday late afternoon!   “So what?”   I hear you say.   Well when you are a bonkers business owner and your number one member of staff is on holiday, you sort of HAVE to get your sh…. Self together!

Or do you?  Well, I had absolutely no choice but to stay in bed on Friday morning, I couldn’t see properly and the pain was terrible, and every time I moved I felt sick….  Doing nothing never sits well with me, you ask the team at Hettie’s!   So HAVING to do nothing was tough, and I thought I needed to be IN the Tearoom or something awful would befall the business.   But guess what, today is Saturday and apart from one fan being left on all night.. everything was fine….. and lovely comments on the feedback forms from our customers.. mmmm  time to rethink!

SO have I developed a business that runs without me… seems so… even with my Operations Manager away, I have only been in on the floor at the Tearoom one day this week!   And yesterday, when they were relying on me to be there, I let them down and damn me they coped!!

So how much of this is more about me needing Hettie’s rather than Hettie’s needing me?  Quite a lot I suspect.  Hettie’s is like a baby to me, I gave birth to it (you know what I mean!), I nurtured it, I watched it grow and mature and now it could be time to set it free!    Whao up there…….I have absolutely no plans to sell the Hettie’s brand right now, or ever – who sells their ‘kids’ for God’s sake…. <<<ponders for a minute>>> !

No, but what this last 24 hours has shown me is now it is time to look at the other sides of the business which have been sitting patiently on the back burner waiting for me to wise up!   So, I give you … drum roll …. << not that exciting – cancel drum roll!!!>>>> Hettie’s Loose Leaf teas which we sell online and the Hettie’s Customer Service coaching we offer for small to medium sized businesses.

I recently started working with a great guy called Alex on getting our loose leaf teas in front of more people and I knew we were completely suited when one of his team asked me if we have ever considered making alcoholic cocktails with the teas!    Of course we have, we have a full range of Hettie’s Tea-tails… delicious for a Summer’s evening (not bad in the other season – or in fact any other time of day either!!).  So now we are going to begin teaching you about Hettie’s Teas … but not just tea as you know it, hot tasty and thirst quenchnig….. nope, we are going to be sharing all our Hettie’s Tea- Tails with you over the coming weeks!

This week Hettie’s Tea-Tail is:

Hettie’s Minty Gin

Soooo to make the Mint Tea – make a strong pot of Milly Molly Minty – let it cool (tip: make it with a small amount of boiling water to start with – like you are making a hot cordial syrup and add cold water when it is infused – or make it in the normal way ahead of time and pop in the fridge)

So you need 1 part Gin for 5 parts Tea – pop this in a blender with loads of Ice – and zap for 15 second – pour into a long glass squeeze the lime in – not too much, grate on the zest and decorate with a sprig of mint and mint leaves!   Kick back, relax and enjoy!  YUM!!!!!


Now don’t you go away from this blog thinking – “yay, we’ll no see her in the tearoom anymore”!!   You are not that lucky, I will be having a day or so a week in the tearoom for ….. ever!    If any of you have kids heading off to University after the summer…. It is a wee but like that…. Just like a kid who has flown the nest, you’ll always find an excuse to visit them with a food parcel, convincing yourself it is for their benefit….  We know different!

Cheers and enjoy the first Hettie’s Tea-Tail!

There is just one other thing you may be able to help me with .. at the back end of the year we are launching our Hettie’s Tea Talks – we will be interviewing inspirational people every month and popping the interview up on the Hettie’s website for you to enjoy – so if you know anyone with an inspirational story – the subject matter can be anything (although Jeannie McGrory who made a fortune from her brothel empire might be stretching it!) … let me know and we will get them on for a Hettie’s Tea Talk – basically a blether over a cuppa!!

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