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About Hettie's

Well Hello... welcome to the wonderful "online" world of Hettie's Loose Leaf Teas.

Right here you will find a wonderful range of the very, very best teas and infusions,all with a good helping of personality and quirkiness! We have supp'd more tea at Hettie's than most people have had hot dinners.... but the result is a range of 31 amazing tea blends and infusions! Don't take our word for it! Our Pitlochry Tearoom welcomes over 70,000 visitors a year..... so we have lots of people to "test" our speciality scottish teas on and only the best get passed them! The range covers the traditional black teas, our wonderful green teas, blue teas, white teas and infusions.... we have got the lot covered! Enjoy your visit to Hettie's online shop!!!

A Hettie's Heavenly Hamper