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Happy November!

Okay now we have tipped into November is it safe to start a wee mention of Christmas?

Hettie ChristmasI know many of us start out planning in earnest, who to invite, where to go, gifts to buy, cards to write, decorations to get down from the loft, trees to buy, food to decide on and so, so much more.

I love this time of year – I have to confess, I enjoyed it much more when Hettie was a ‘believer’ – but she has never admitted to not believing so we keep up this Santa thing…… and I hope we always do! When I look back at the effort I put in over the years… there are the obligatory footsteps in the living room of course, but I have been on a ladder at midnight making sleigh track on the roof before now! And one year Santa happened to leave his glove… which was very exciting… but even more so when the man himself called at lunchtime, asking for Hettie and asked if she would send it back to the North Pole – and he checked she was happy with her gifts, and saying “have to go now Hettie, I am just over your cousins Sean and Conor’s house in Washington DC” … she nearly passed out with excitement! (Thanks to Auntie Allena’s friend Dave for a brilliant Santa impression – Ho, Ho, Ho!)

This year at Hettie’s Tearoom we have decided to give our Afternoon Tea a Christmas makeover…. and a wee tipsy-ness! Afternoon Tea is so in fashion right now, so it made perfect sense!

Christmas TwistWe have given everything a Christmas Twist – all the savouries will have a nod to Christmas – no one wants to miss out on their pigs in blankets! Our normal (year round) cakes have been replaced with Christmas themed cakes – Mini Yule Logs, Snowballs, Baby Christmas Cakes and much more, we have gone a little bonkers, the scones are even Christmassy! Oh and there is the festive addition of a tipsy Jelly Shot or two – it’s Christmas! We thought you’d need a cracker as well!

And of course, we have added a Cocktail on arrival and a half bottle of Prosecco per person! (Of course you can add more if you fancy!)

As with all good parties – there is a goodie bag too! (Worth £20)

We start serving the Christmas Afternoon Tea on the 26th November through until Christmas Eve. 10.30am – 4pm – booking is ESSENTIAL.

When you are all grown up and responsible for ‘stuff’ sometimes the magic fades from Christmas – we’d like to think we can inject some of the magic right back in to your Christmas this year!

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Now to start some of my own planning ……. Where to begin ….. okay, who’s coming?