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Coffee at Hetties

Coffees – Hettie’s No 1

Flat White Coffee   £2.20
Americano                £2.20 choose hot or cold milk on the side
Latte                     £2.50
Cappucino                 £2.60
Mocha                     £2.80
Macchiato                 £2.30
Espresso                  £1.90
Extra Shot                £1.00

Hot Chocolates

No Frills – Just delicious milky Hot Chocolate      £2.75
With Marshmallow              £3.15
With Maltesers                £3.15
Whipped Cream                 £3.15
With Marshmallows, Maltesers and Whipped Cream £3.95

Soft Drinks

Still or Sparkly Water     £1.75
Fentimans Juices   £2.50
Rose Lemonade
Victorian Lemonade
Seville Orange and Mandarin
Fentimans Cola
Ginger Beer
Fresh Juices
Orange                         £2.50
Apple                          £2.50
Coke                           £2.00
Diet Coke                      £2.00


Any of the fizzy Soft Drinks – with a lovely dollop of Real Dairy Ice Cream £3.50


Milk Shakes

Made with Milk PLUS Real Dairy Ice Cream Choose From Chocolate or Strawberry or Banana £3.50