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About Our Tea Accessories

In order to make the perfect cup of tea you need the perfect ingredients and accoutrements! You know the old adage – bad workman – tools. Well there is no excuse for bad tea when you shop at Hettie’s Online.

Perfect Tea? Tick.

Then to the Pot – our “tea for one” pots are gorgeous and very different AND they come with their own wee tea infuser. Tea-Pot? Tick.

If you prefer to make just the one cup/mug at a time you’ll need a gorgeous mug or cup .. cups and mugs? Tick.

Your loose tea leaves need dancing room… 2 types of Infuser? Tick.

Avoid scalding the delicate leaves of your Blue, Green and White Teas; Thermometer? Tick.

Your teas should brew for 3 minutes to get all the best flavour and goodness out. Tea Timer? Tick.

In our online shop you will find everything to make the best cup of tea… enjoy.