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Black Tea

Traditional full flavoured black tea … our blends contain only the best quality Black Tea from; Assam, Dareeling, Kenya and Sri Lanka.

About Black tea

Hettie’s loose leaf black teas pay homage to the best tea producing areas of the globe – Assam, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Darjeeling and China…. We have left some of these loose leaf teas to just tell you’re their own tale…. as nature intended… and the result is, great, unadulterated flavour and depth in the cup – delicious. Hettie’s Earl Grey Loose Tea is a great example of this.

However at Hettie’s we like our black loose tea to get in on the flavour game, so we have a fantastic range of flavoured black teas too.  The flavours have been created using the very best ingredients – we wouldn’t mess with quality – these teas deserve the best!   We then hand blend the tea and the other ingredients and pack the tea into boxes in our award winning Tearoom in Pitlochry.

How to produce a Black Tea?

To produce a black tea, the leaves of the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis,  the tea leaves are left to oxidise much longer than White, Green or Oolong … this is what give black tea the real fullness of flavour.   And whilst not quite as stuffed full of the antioxidants as its lighter pals, the black tea leaf still has a good chunk of goodness hidden therein!  At Hettie’s we believe that life is better lived over a regular cuppa!

What are the benefits of black tea and assam tea?

  • Black Tea is good for your oral health and reduces plaque formation as well as restricting bacteria growth.
  • Black tea contains polyphenols, which is a know antioxidant.
  • The phytochemicals is Black Tea are said to promote health, strong bones.
  • Research suggests that long term consumers of tea have a 70% lower chance of having or developing type 2 diabetes.