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Blue Tea

Blue Tea, which you probably also know as Oolong tea, is a delicate, delicious, decadent Tea. Hettie’s Blue Tea is a Chinese Ti Guan Top Fancy. I almost want to speak in a whisper around this delicate, fragrant tea…

About Blue Tea A Delicate Chinese Tea Made With Loose Leaf

Also known as Oolong tea – this tea has a great depth of flavour and is also really good for you. Like all tea it comes from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. It sits in between Green tea and Black tea on the oxidisation chart. So if it is happy medium you are looking for … a balance of goodness and flavour, this is the tea for you…. Not as robust as black tea, but fuller in flavour then Green. Not as stuffed full of anti oxidants as Green Tea but retaining lots more of these than Black Tea. Blue tea still needs careful treatment – 80°C is hot enough thanks!

Why not try our Oo Oo Butterfly Blue Tea.

What are the Benefits of Blue Tea?

Habitual consumption of blue tea could provide the following properties:

  • Weight loss; According to several studies, its ability to increase the metabolism surpasses that of other tea varieties.  It allows us to burn more fat naturally.
  • Reducing cholesterol by increasing hepatic metabolism.
  • Blue tea or oolong tea is an excellent antioxidant.
  • Takes care of the cardiovascular system, cleaning arteries and improving circulation.