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Blue & White Teas

Blue Tea, which you probably also know as Oolongis is a delicate, delicious, decadent Tea. Hettie’s Blue Tea is a Chinese Ti Guan Top Fancy. I almost want to speak in a whisper around this delicate, fragrant tea…
White tea has the most wonderfully fragile flavour, light and fresh on the palate – and dainty as a whisp on the tongue.

About Blue and White Loose Leaf Teas

Blue Teas
Also known as Ooolong tea – this tea has a great depth of flavour and is also really good for you.  Like all tea it comes from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant.  It sits in between Green and Black tea on the oxidisation chart.   So if it is happy medium you are looking for … a balance of goodness and flavour, this is the tea for you…. Not as robust as black tea, but fuller in flavour then Green.   Not as stuffed full of anti oxidants as Green Tea but retaining lots more of these than Black Tea.  Blue tea still needs careful treatment – 80°C is hot enough thanks!

White Teas
The most delicate of Hettie’s Loose leaf teas – White Tea – “ooh treat me gentle please”.  Despite originating from the Camellia Sinensis plant (just like Green, Blue and Black Tea), this tea is extremely rare indeed.  That is because only the top three buds on the bush can make white tea.  At Hettie’s these buds are picked before dawn and left to oxidise over Jasmine, giving our white loose tea a very delicate flavour.   One customer in our tearoom referred to Hettie’s loose leaf white tea as “Angels dancing on your tongue”.   I am not sure about dancing angels, but if you are looking for delicate flavour stuffed with heaps of goodness and an aroma of rose and jasmine, you will not get better than this wonderful tea.  It’s a treat… a real treat!