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Decaffeinated Tea

Are you looking to buy Decaf Black Tea or Decaf Green Tea?

Whether you fancy Decaffeinated Tea or Caffeine Free Tea, you don’t have to compromise on flavour.

About Decaffeinated Tea and our Loose Leaf Decaf Tea

If “no caffeine” is your thing – you don’t need to miss out on flavour – at Hettie’s all our infusions are caffeine free and we have a wonderful, no nonsense, Decaffeinated Black TeaGoodie Two Shoes.   Don’t get mixed up between Caffeine Free and Decaffeinated – Caffeine free never had caffeine in it – so all our infusions are included here.  Decaffeinated, means that the caffeine has been removed from the loose leaf black tea.  Now before you start getting all “oh I don’t drink Caffeinated Tea”… here is something to think about… the process to take the caffeine out of black tea takes longer than the process to remove all the antioxidants so no caffeine means you have washed all the wonderful good things out too!  SO before you reach for the decaf next time, take a moment to think about what you really want from your tea…. Great flavour is a given at Hettie’s – but do you want tea devoid of all the goodness… it’s worth thinking about?  All that said… our Goodie Two shoes is a blinder of a decaf tea!

Are you looking for a Rooibos Tea?

Why not have a look at our Honey Bee Beautiful Loose Leaf Tea blended with Rooibos.