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A great selection of gift vouchers and tea accessories to surprise your Friends and Family for any special occasion.

About Our Gifts

We all know someone who is nuts about all things TEA… tea Jenny (or Jake)… but the avatar of the tea lover is changing… typically it is your son or daughter rather than your Mum and Dad who are the new generation of tea lovers. Just as Starbuck and Costa introduced us to a huge choice of Coffees in the late 80”s and the 90’s.. so the time for Tea is emerging… our young, upwardly mobile tea lover wants quality, choice and excitement in their tea… the teabag will not hack it with these new loose leaf connoisseurs. Hettie’s online offers superb quality loose leaf teas, top notch gifts and accessories and a really modern approach to the development of new teas…. Teas with a story at their heart, teas with personality. We are not forgetting our traditional roots, no we are embracing them and adding energy and excitement to them at Hettie’s. So if you are looking for a gift then let us help you choose the perfect gift for your tea loving friend.

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