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Ice Cream

22 Flavours of Ice Cream! How will you choose?

I’m going to tell you a wee story... in the chilly depths of winter, back in 2016, I bumped into a handsome chap called Stewart.

Now Stewart had left the heady world of accountancy to buy an ice cream shop. He’d worked there as a teenager and developed a passion for the frozen stuff. Well, who wouldn’t?!

After our serendipitous meeting, Stewart popped into Hettie’s with a selection of his A-MAZ-ING ice creams and our love affair with Stew ‘n’ Drews began.

We figured that our customers at Hettie’s deserve to try as many of these delicious ice cream flavours as possible, so we bought a monster freezer that takes 22 flavours. Since Stewart has created 126 different ice creams we had to do an awful lot of tasting to make sure we were bringing you all of the best flavours – it was hard work!

So… we have all the traditional flavours – your old favourites like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, as well as some luxury flavours like Ferrero Rocher and super hero flavours too – Edible Hulk

Hettie’s customers are also enjoying the milkshakes we’ve created out of Stew ‘n’ Drew’s ice cream. You must try them – they’re something else!

You can order our ice cream year round, so pop in soon for a wee taste!

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